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  • Mar 22, 2022

    2019 ECI Outstanding Business Creators of the Year: Bei Chen

    On December 11, 2019, the main forum and award ceremony of the 4th ECI Festival International Digital Innovation Festival (hereinafter referred to as ECI Innovation Festival) was successfully held in Shanghai Jiading Industrial Park. Ms. Bei Chen, a well-known French designer and founder of BEI brand, was invited to this event to deliver a keynote speech on innovation as an important guest, and received the award of “2019 ECI Outstanding Business Creator of the Year”.

    During the award ceremony, Dr. Jia Lijun, the global founder of IECIA and executive chairman of ECI Festival, proposed the concept of “Better life, better world”, which means that “innovation should be based on technology, but we should not forget the humanistic spirit and the ultimate service of technology to human beings. Only by transcending national boundaries and benefiting the community of human destiny can we achieve a better world.”

    Such an idea coincides with the design philosophy of Bei Chen.BEI’s design has always been to present the most beautiful woman as the original intention, She uses beauty to guide people and make all people feel the pursuit of beauty deep inside, thus shaping independent, confident, elegant and decent women.