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  • Oct 25, 2022

    “BEI Mother‘s Show” at the 7th Autism Expo France

    On September 23rd and 24th, 2022, the 7th International Autism Expo was held in Avignon, a city in the south of France. Fashion designer Bei Chen was invited by Ms. Veronique, the founder of the International Autism Expo, to participate in this international event, and the “Star & Ocean Crossover Exhibition of Art and Fashion for Children with Autism” and the “BEI Mother’s Show” organized and initiated by Bei Chen made their debut on the international stage.This event was co-organized by International Autism Expo, together with high-end designer brand BEI and Xi’an Alt Rehabilitation Medical Center, and was co-sponsored by many local caring people.

    For example, the famous Chinese female director of the documentary H6, which has just been shortlisted in the Cannes Film Festival – Ms. yeye; French poet, musician and singer Jom, and Mr. Guillaume Rat, the president of the association, were all on hand to devote themselves to supporting Bei. The famous Chinese film actress Ms. Shi Lan and her close friends also came all the way from the UK to cheer for Bei Mei mothers. An autistic band from Canada, who played live music and improvised for the fashion show, made the show the highlight of the whole show. The mothers of autistic children who participated in the show were not only glamorous but also excellent representatives of their respective fields. They were the brightest stars of the show, including Elodie Atlantis, an autistic artist, Lydie, a professor of physical chemistry, Karina, an anthropologist, Tiphaine, a social networking celebrity, and Salomé, a dance artist from Mexico.

    As one of the initiators of the “Star & Ocean Public Welfare and Culture Alliance” project, Bei Chen continued to use the power of love and beauty to build an interactive bridge between the public and the autistic group with the power of love and beauty at this highly influential international event.

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    The Autism Expo France is the largest and highest quality annual professional autism conference in Europe. Every year, families with autism from all over the world, as well as related institutions, research organizations and experts, come together to exchange projects and resources. The aim is to help people with autism and their families to better integrate with society and improve their quality of life.

    During the previous International Autism Expo, there were over 450 lectures and over 300 exhibitors and delegations from all over the world, including the government delegation of the Ministry of Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders, which attends every year. This year, Ms. Souad ZITOUNI, a former French MP and other representatives of the French government attended the fair.