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  • Mar 21, 2022

    Guarding the “children from the stars”

    Recently, a special fashion show was held at BEI Gardenl on the 3rd floor of Xi’an Alinte Rehabilitation Medical Center, which was initiated by famous French designer Bei Chen –“Star and Ocean” clothing and art derivatives.

    The inspiration and core elements of her creation were the ocean-themed art paintings of the children of the stars. Instead of the fashionable and tall models, it was the mothers of these children who interpreted the clothes at the launch event. Their stunning appearances and confident smiles made more people have a better understanding of this special group of autistic families.▲Highlights of the fashion show
    ▲ “Star and Ocean”Collection, a ready-to-wear collection inspired by the drawings of autistic children ▲“Star and Ocean”Crossover Exhibition of Art and Fashion for Children with Autism

    “Someone has to polish the stars, they look gray and dull.” The American artist Shel Silverstein wrote these lines . A few words speak to the hearts of parents of children with autism.

    Bei Chen is willing to be a person who brings light and hope, telling them that although the road is far, they are not alone . She hopes that what she does will be like a spring breeze, washing away the dust on the “stars” and letting them shine with their own unique light.